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Wilderness Therapy Namibia

Wilderness Therapy is a Youth/Community Empowerment Program with an unique combination of inputs addressing a wide variety of needs presented by youth. The overall program focuses on building of character and values, enabling the youth to become people who positively contribute to a better society.

The need for the program was identified by a social worker Ms P Hoffman working with adolescents. She became aware of the unwillingness of adolescents to participate in therapy processes. Ms Hoffman researched alternative ways to reach the youths. The adventured and spirited nature of wilderness therapy makes it perfect to reach adolescents who are not open for traditional therapy interventions. It mobilizes the adolescents through adventure and actively engages those, who are participating in the programme in the therapeutic process of the positive development of themselves.

Activities include a 10 day hike with 8 participants in the wilderness. During the hike the participants participate in an intense therapy sessions, which include some group work and individual sessions. Following the hike, the participants become part of a mentor programme until they complete their Grade 12. Wilderness Therapy Namibia encourages their participants to stay lifelong partners of Wilderness Therapy and they are invited to other activities and events like Parental Guidance Seminars.

To read more about the activities and needs of Wilderness Therapy Namibia, please visit their Facebook page:


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