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Mending a Broken World

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Make A Difference... 

Welcome to Imago Dei.

We connect you to the cause you care about, simplify the process of contributing and give you peace of mind that your contributions are spent effectively towards the causes you've elected to support. 

Find A Cause To Support

Giving is not only about money. You can also make a difference by donating your time or skills to a good cause. 

Individual giving

Your contribution can help to rebuild and bring wholeness, human dignity and hope to the broken people of Namibia.

Imago Dei connects the need to receive and the need to give, and will ensure that available funds are mobilised and applied efficiently and effectively to the optimum impact where it is needed most.

Corporate Giving

Does your company wish to provide financial assistance to social responsibility projects, but your are unsure where to channel your money and whether it will be put to good use?

Are you confident that your donations will be spent in a responsible manner? 
Imago Dei can provide Corporate Social Investment services to you.