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About Us

Our ultimate purpose is to connect the Community of Needs and the Community of Means, so that available funds are mobilized and applied efficiently and effectively to have the optimum impact in mending the brokenness in Namibia and building sustainable communities.​

Imago Dei...

Helps  agencies, organizations, and projects working to relieve

the plight of the broken people of Namibia:

  • To better organize themselves 

  • To gain credibility 

  • To attract financial resources


And meet the needs of the people of means and corporate citizens:

  • To simplify the process of contributing 

  • To give them peace of mind that their contributions are spent effectively towards the causes they elect to support.

"Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person"

Our Mission

To make a meaningful contribution to mending brokenness and restoring human dignity for the people of Namibia.

Our Mission

Our Core Values 

Dignity : Restoring human dignity in people. 
Equality : Helping all people whatever their, colour, religion, age or gender. 
Love : Loving and caring for people and serving them with respect and compassion. 
Passion : Believing in what we do and doing it with enthusiasm and commitment. 
Integrity : Being transparent, accountable, honest and ethical in everything we do. 
Relationships : Building and managing relationships and synergistically promoting partnerships, collaboration and cooperation for the common purpose to help and assist projects and increasing their capacity and ability to serve the Community of Need.

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