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Trauma Healing Network

The Trauma Healing Network wants to bring healing and skills to the people of Namibia, so that they will be able to handle their trauma and that the acquired knowledge and skills will take root in every household, school, business and community. We want to pay particular attention to children, who need to be prepared for life and need equipping to be able to master the trauma in life Many children already need healing from trauma that has already crossed their path. Everyone who works with children, including parents, can benefit from our children’s trauma healing program.

Our dream is to have well-trained people in every large town in Namibia, who can serve the community with trauma healing and the skills to be prepared to handle trauma effectively, from a biblical perspective. The task of these people will be to raise awareness in the community, to train volunteers who can lead healing groups and to liaise with professionals where there is need to refer people for more expert advice and guidance. Their task will also be to help people connect with healing groups.

Most important to us is to cultivate a community which is not only able to handle their own trauma effectively, but which can also form a mutual support base. Research has shown that having a community support base plays a big role in the healing process of people after a

traumatic event.

One of our core activities is to conduct Healing Retreats. Those retreats have immediate impact in people’s lives. A lot of people have already benefited

from this Healing Retreat. We also train people in the Healing Retreat Training. We equip them to reach out to other people.

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