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The Grace Project

The Grace project is a non-profit, community-based welfare project that is operating under the guardianship of the Khomas Community Church, which reaches out to the marginalized communities within the Khomas, Hardap and Kharas regions by contributing towards their basic livelihood as well as attending to their psychosocial and spiritual needs.

The Grace Project distributes food parcels to needy families, especially pensioners every third Thursday of every month at the Khomas Community Church in Khomasdal. Currently, 150 households benefit from this aid. The families receive a cooked meal on this day.

A light meal is provided to ±50 pensioners on every 1st Tuesday of every month on pension pay-out days.

Once a year a Christmas hamper is provided to the 150 households.

Wish list includes:

Second-hand clothes and shoes

Financial donations

Groceries to assist with the food parcel project


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