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Namibian Christian Women Aid Society

The Namibian Christian Woman Aid Society was established in 1976 when a group of women from different churches attended World Prayer Day and realised that the elderly is in need of help.

Many elderly people feel neglected and live in poverty. The Namibian Christian Woman Aid Society aims to create awareness among the greater society of the elderly people’s problems as well as to make the elderly community aware that their problems are being recognised and attended to. The NCWAS also wants to create events whereby the elderly can socializ

e more among themselves.

Currently, the NCWAS provides 70 elderly people with a cooked meal and 250 elderly people with a food parcel each, per month. The food parcel contains dry ingredients such as maize meal, soup, coffee, sugar, pasta, rice, etc. The NCWAS volunteers also do home visits to pensioners to keep them company. Many elderly people are also in dire need of clothing and health services.

The NCWAS hopes to create awareness throughout Namibia concerning the elderly and the problems they experience.


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