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Men on the Side of the Road

Men on the Side of the Road is a Namibian NGO established in 2007. We are registered as a Welfare organisation and an Incorporated Association Not for Gain. Our vision is to change lives by connecting the unemployed with training and employment opportunities. Our main objective is to empower unemployed people, through a comprehensive program of self-development, life skills training, technical skills training and job placements to enable them to better compote in the labor

market. According to our experience, these supportive actions equip our beneficiaries with skills and confidence to actively seek job opportunities and self-employment.

To enable efficient operation and service delivery to the unemployed, both MSR offices are manned by trained staff of MSR. The organisation is governed by a Board of Directors. Routine reporting of activities and achievements is done to the MSR Board members and project reporting is done to sponsoring institutions.

Currently, we operate through our 2 offices, one in Windhoek and one in Swakopmund. Since the inception of the organisation, 1541 unemployed people have been registered as members throughout the country. Through our services, 311 full-time, 1048 temporary and 317 part-time job placements have been filled by MSR, 535 members have been sent to various training programs and some 20 members are running their own successful small businesses.


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