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Sofia Daycare And Soup Kitchen

Sofia’s day care and Soup Kitchen is situated in Otjomuise informal settlement, Windhoek. Sofia Garises started the soup kitchen in 2013. She identified the need of poverty and unemployment within her community.

She was employed part time and with the little money she made, bought some food items for the hungry children within her community. The soup kitchen started with 27 children, however it now grew to 148 children.

With the assistance of a donor, Sofia managed to open a day care, where the children can receive early childhood development. One teacher has been trained by Action Child Mobilization to offer a Christian based early childhood development curriculum.

Sofia and her family realised that the number of hungry children are increasing on a daily basis, therefore they decided to approach donors for additional funding. Imago Dei approved the project in March 2019 and started sourcing dono


Currently she is able to feed 145 children on a daily basis. She also has a plan for community upliftment, where they have youth programs, bible study and after school classes with the children.

Wish list:

Sofia day care and soup kitchen is in need of a small jungle gym for the children to play.

They are in the process to start a vegetable garden to source an additional income and provide fresh vegetables at the soup kitchen.

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